The new iPhones are all about their cameras, you can now easily shoot raw photos on iPhone 11 and others. It seems that Apple has finally decided to compete with Galaxy Note 10 and Pixel 3 camera, and we can assure you that they have done a great job.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max offers outstanding quality of the camera. It seems that these cameras are meant for professionals. You will really enjoy taking pictures with these camera, after all, they do generate outstanding results.

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When you shoot a picture in Raw mode, you get greater control of it. You can make the final image according to your likeness. It is possible to add more contrast, or more debt to the picture. You can total transform the way the final image turns out to be. The bad news is that despite upgrading the iPhone cameras, Apple does not let you take pictures in the raw mode.

However, that is not an issue at all, especially when there are many apps available on the App Store that will ensures that you can take raw pictures with your iPhone. In the course of this article, we are going to tell you how to shoot raw photos on iPhone.

What are the limitations of Raw Shooting on your iPhone

Since the Stock camera does not offer raw shooting, therefore, you will need a third-party application. In this case, we are using Halide. The app will cost you $5.99.

There are other apps available, however, we refer Halide over them.  You can see other apps as well.

You can shoot Raw photos with the primary camera. Do remember, that 12 MP Ultra-wide angle sensor does not offer Raw capture.

How to Shoot Raw Photos on iPhone 11, 11 Pro

Below are the steps to take Raw photos using your iPhone.

Step-1: Launch the Halide App on your iPhone. If it is the first time, you have launched the app, you will have to go through the tutorial in order to grant the required permissions.

Step-2:  There will be an arrow above the camera shutter button, you need to swipe it up. Doing this will bring forward a row of options and there, you will see the Raw icon.

Step-3: Tap on the icon and enjoy taking endless raw pictures with your iPhone.

Step-4: To make it easier for you to share the picture, Halide saves a processed image along with the Raw image.

That is it, in case you are not a fan of Halide, you can check out other apps that will help you

Editing Raw Photos on iPhone 11, 11 Pro

Another great news is that there is no need to transfer the raw photo onto your PC in order to edit them. All you need to do is install Adobe lite or Photoshop to edit the photos on your iPhone. There are other apps as well such as Snapseed that offer outstanding photo editing features.

That is all on how to shoot raw photos with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro. Please, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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