People not only want to talk and video chat and message on Whatsapp now, it has become more than that. You can easily share your location too on Whatsapp with your family and friends. The location, once shared with your contacts, can be opened in Google maps. It is not always that we want to get located by other people but if you are feeling like it, this article will tell you how to easily share your location.

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How to share location in Whatsapp on iPhone:

1 Open app and go to the conversation in which you wish to share your exact location.

2 Tap on the ‘+’ icon and choose ‘Location’ from the menu. (If you are using this feature for the very first time then Whatsapp will ask of your permission to do so.)

whatsapp location share iphone apple

3 App will determine your current location displaying it on the map.

4 Tap on the ‘Send your location’ button and it will be instantly shared with the person (s) in your conversation.


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