There was a time when you could not set a ringtone on your iPhone and had to use the only ringtones available as built-in in the device. But we have recently told you about setting the ringtone as you desire using iTunes.

Now there is a greater news. You can create any ringtone, any song as your ringtone where you don’t even need iTunes. Yes, that is true and you all can do that, with the following steps mentioned below, if you have GarageBand on your device.

How to set custom ringtone without iTunes:-

Step1: The song that you want to set as ringtone should be imported or downloaded in your music library for it to be shown in GarageBand.

Step2: Open GarageBand and import the desired song by tapping on the View button.

add ringtone iphone without itunes

Step3: Grayed songs show that they can’t be added to the GarageBand, in the Music. Select the song you want to set for the ringtone.

Step4: Now drag the selected song either left or right to add it to GarageBand. The default ringtone length is short and to increase the length of the ringtone you can keep adding bars b hitting the + icon.

add ringtone iphone without itunes

Step5: Finally hit the drop down arrow tapping on My Songs. Rename the ringtone if you wish.

Step6: Go to Settings >> Sounds >> Ringtones and select the desired ringtone.

add ringtone iphone without itunes

Image courtesy: iPH


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