WhatsApp is the one app which stands out amongst most of the chatting apps out there in the market. Millions of people use it daily, you can talk on call, make video calls, talk to friends and family and last but not the least, you can text. As long as you are connected to internet obviously.

Whatsapp has introduced a new feature in their recent update which is called Whatsapp Status. It’s similar to Snapchat stories except in this feature the video and photos you share with your contacts last up to 24 hours and then they get deleted automatically. 

At first it was all good but then users started to realise quickly that what if they don’t want to share their video and pictures with all their contacts because in this feature your posts would be shared with everyone in your Whatsapp contact list. Thankfully the guys at the biggest mobile chat app realized it quickly enough and they provided an option for the users to choose people they want to share their Whatsapp Status with. We bring you a quick and simple tutorial on how to select the privacy for your Whatsapp Status to keep your photos and videos limited to the people you want.

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Here’s how to do it.

Set up privacy to your Whatsapp Status:

Step 1- Tap the Whatsapp app icon to open it.

Step 2- Tap on the Settings.

Step 3- Choose Account from Setting and tap on privacy option.

Step 4- At the bottom of privacy section, look for the option “Status” 

Step 5- Once you are in status, you will see it has been set on “My Contacts” as default. You need to tap second option “My Contact Except” if you want to hide your status from specific people.

Step 6- Tap “Only Share With” option and select contact you want to show your status to.

That’s it. Now you have set up your Whatsapp status as private. 

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