You have finally got your hands-on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and you are looking for cool things to enjoy your phone to its full potential. Then we suggest that you try out the new Live Message feature. It is a unique and cool way of sending a message.

You tend to use the S-Pen in order to draw or write a live message and send it to others. It is the perfect way of describing your feelings or drawing them out with your own hand. The feature is a live representation of your handwriting or drawing.

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Launching the Live Message Feature

You don’t have to go about the App Drawer in order to use the this exciting Feature. Simply, take out your S-Pen and launch the Pen Shortcut. There you will see the Live Message option. Tap on it, a new window will open and the window will have everything that you need to create to create your very own live message.

How to create Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Live Message

You will come across a number of great options that will make it fun and interesting to customize your Live Message. You can select different brush strokes. Basically, there are three brush strokes naming Sparkle, Glow and Ink. These brush strokes work just as their name says, the Glow brush stroke will highlight the lines, the Ink is the basic one, and lastly, Sparkle will bring a glittering effect to your creation.

To further customize your message, Note 8 lets you choose the color and thickness. Although we do wish, that there were more brush and color options, but for now we are content with what we have. These option, when combined, in different sets, are enough for us to do something fun without much repetition.

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You can also change the background, thus further make things interesting. To change the background tap on the upper-right area and select the image or color that you want as the background. Once done, draw whatever you like.

How to share Live Message

To share Live Message, tap on Done located at the upper-right corner of the window. A preview of the message will appear along a share button, tap on the share button and select the app you want to use to send the message.

Revisit Old Message

You will find them in the photo gallery, or you can see them by taping on the Collection option located at the lower-right corner of the Live Message Screen.

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