Its not easy to get seven chests every week when other players also want to same thing in the Fortnite. This week takes us to the Pleasant Park. Lets search chests in Pleasant park.

Surely you are not aware of the locations of chests at this location as many are inside buildings. So, see the guide to search chests in Pleasant park.

Search Chests in the Pleasant Park:

Soccer pitch is the valuable area to search chests in Pleasant park. Always you will find a chest in middle of the open field. So, go and get it from there. From here, move to southwest house and get one chest from attic and one from garage in there. Then move towards the two houses in north and see attics for three other chests.

There are two more chests in attic of brick house in north. For another house, move to northeast and look for a chest in its attic and the other in dog’s booth outside building.

You can find another chest in central part of location and finally the last chest in the basement of building in eastern area. Goodluck!

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