Fortnite Week 9 challenges are already out and players are struggling hard to complete them. If you are wondering where about the location of chests in Moisty Mire, you have come to the right place. We are going to provide you the exact location of these chests.

We know that getting hold of the best chests in Moisty Mire is tricky. Despite the act that the entire area of full of chests, yet you can easily die as other players would like to grab those chests for themselves. However, our guide will ensure that you don’t take much damage and are able to get hold of your seven chests in no time.

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Search Chests in Moisty Mire in fortnite

Instead of wasting your time on the movie set in order to snatch some chests, head north, and west and grab the four chests sitting there like a baby. These chests will be under the two big trees. One tree contains one chest, while the other one hides three of them.

After snatching your chests from the tree, look for an ice-cream truck in the same area. There is a high possibility that you find your fifth chest there. Now you have to go in the opposite direction of the mire. Head to the east and look for a shack, you will find another chest under the stairs.

For people who want to get chests from the movie set as well, we suggest avoiding the big tree as all the action is taking place there. You can check out the surrounding trucks and boats on the set. You might be able to find a couple of chests there without getting killed.

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