The spring is finally here and you can make that out from all the eggcellent mini-bosses, bunny outfits and egg launchers in Fornite. The official spring atmosphere also brings in new weekly challenges for the players. Week 6 challenge, Search Between a Metal Bridge, is out there. We do understand that many of you might be struggling to complete this particular challenge, if that the case you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are mainly going to focus on where to land in order to Search Between a Metal Bridge. Every Thursday morning players are introduced to the new week’s challenge. These challenges are to test your skills and to enhance them as well. You get weapons, go on treasure hunts and have a lot of fun completing these challenges. If you are wondering where to land in order to complete the challenge, we have covered the precise location of landing.

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Below is the list of Week 6 Challenges that you should give a shot and earn some rewards. This is for people who are just getting started with week 6 challenges.

  1. 500-for Deal Damage with SMGs to opponents
  2. 7- Look Anarchy Acres for Chests
  3. 1- Start a Campfire that is cozy
  4. 10-Reach to the top of different mountain peaks.
  5. Search between a Crashed bus, three billboards and a metal bridge (HARD)
  6. 3-Explosive Weapon Eliminations (HARD)
  7. 3-In Retail Row Kill Opponents (HARD)

How to Search Between a Metal Bridge, a Crashed Bus, and Three Billboards

Previously the first part of the challenge has always been finding a map first before you get down to the business of reaching the battle stars. This time around, they have completely culled up the entire process. Now you will have to use your knowledge regarding the game area to find the location between the billboards and the bridge. Maps weren’t that helpful even in the previous hunts and they did not provide much information. There is a high possibility that the developers might ditch the maps in the upcoming treasure hunts.

In order to get to the location as soon as possible, you should jump off the Battle Bus between the Salty Springs and the Shifty Shafts. E7 is the specific grid coordinate on the map. It is near to the river located to the east f Shifty Shafts. From above, the Metal bridge is very clear however to see the billboards you will have to come further down. The more close you get, clearer the billboards will become. For the battle stars look for a hill that has a very obvious clearing in the middle.

Landing on the hilltop that is covered with trees and placed across the billboards means that the battle stars are within your grasp. The closer you walk to the location, the apparent these battle stars will become.  It is pretty difficult to get on top of the hill from the ground. So if you miss landing at the right place or the bus doesn’t fly in that direction. We suggest you give it another shot in another game. Instead of wasting your time, again and again, trying to get up the hill. For this weekly challenge, you will have to complete the match in order to get the rewards. Grabbing the battle stars and then logging out right away is not going to do the trick, you won’t be able to get the reward.

We hope this was helpful, if you still have trouble nabbing this week’s treasure hunt, do let us know in the comment section. We will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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