YouTube is one of the best place to discover any kind of video that you’re searching for, regardless of whether it be a tutorial on anything, movie or TV. series trailers, surveys, or lots and lots of other things. You can watch these videos on any of your device. The days of using a desktop or laptops are old for our new generations. Now a days everyone has smartphones. iPhones and iPads are in trend now, where people can access YouTube and be entertained on the palm of their hands.

But unlike desktops or laptops, where people were able to download and save videos from YouTube via different software, the major draw back of using an iPhone or Ipad was, that you were never able to download or save a YouTube video onto your iPhone or iPad.

Well that has been sorted out for you. There were some complicated methods before to save a videos from YouTube via third-party apps but we bring you YouTube++, from where you can download a video right from your YouTube app. and save it in your device’s Camera Roll.

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YouTube++ is a modified version of YouTube that comes with new features, including the capacity to download and save videos.The best thing about YouTube++ is that it doesn’t need a jailbreak and it works with your device’s YouTube app.

Here is how you download and save videos on your iPhone and iPad.

Install YouTube++ on your iPhone & iPad:

1- First of all, delete the YouTube app you have on your mobile.

2- Download YouTube++ iPA and Cydia Impactor files onto your computer.

3- Next step after downloading the above files is to connect your iPhone/iPad with your computer via USB cable and open Cydia Impactor.

4- Drag the downloaded YouTube++ iPA and drop it on to Cydia Impactor.

5- You’ll be asked for your Apple ID and passward, which will generate a signing certificate with Apple. You do not have to provide your primary Apple ID so you can create an alternate ID, but you will have to provide and registered Apple ID and password.

6- After you enter your Apple ID, Cydia Impactor will start installing YouTube++ onto your device. (you should be able to see YouTube app icon on your iPhone/iPad home screen.

7- Before you click on the app. to open it, go to your device Settings >> Profile/Device Management.

8- Sign in with your Apple ID to open profile and tap on the Trust button.

You have YouTube++ installed on your Apple device.

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How to save YouTube videos on to you iPhone/iPad’s Camera Roll:

Here are some easy steps of downloading or saving YouTube videos onto your iPhone/iPad using YouTube++ app.

1- Open your YouTube app after you are done installing YouTube++ app. on your mobile.

2- Open the video you want to save onto our device’s camera roll. You will see a new “Save” button, right below the video.

3- Click on the save button and choose the option “save with ++”, and choose the video resolution to download (like in the picture below).


4- Once the downloading is completed, you can view the downloaded video even in offline mode.

5- To save a video, click the “three dots” shown next to the video, which are sign for “more” and choose “save to camera roll”.(like shown in the picture below)


Once the video is saved, you can easily watch it anytime you want in your camera roll. No need to have your device connected to a WiFi connection to watch the saved video anymore.

Keep in mind that after every 7 days, you have to reinstall YouTube++, unless you used a developer Apple ID.

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