It has been almost 3 weeks now that one of the biggest smartphones of the year was launched. Samsung S8 and S8 Plus were launched with a bang and it has been selling in large numbers since its release on 22nd of April. 

Along with a new mobile, apart from the fact how big the company is, come the little errors and issues of it. So they did with Samsung S8 and S8 plus. There have been numerous issues and fixes for S8 & S8 plus, most of them were solved by our hard working and industrious team AndroidiOSPack. Including “DQA keep stopping issue”  which was one of the first and most common issue users faced in S8 and S8 plus. And Samsung had to release an APK to solve the DQA issue after a while. Also the tinted screen issue became a bit annoying for S8 users and again Samsung had to come up with an early update to cover it. 

Check fixes of various issues on Samsung S8 and S8 Plus by clicking here. In his post we will give you a tutorial on how to save you Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life by turning off “Always On Display” option.

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Always on Display (AOD) lives up to it’s name meaning that even when the phone screen is off, it’s not entirely off. but a small part of it will keep showing some specifics such as day, date and time, weather and some other information. Apart from all the coolness of this feature, the downside and one of the biggest flaw is that your device’s battery runs out a lot quicker than usual. Well we have a quick and easy solution of it. So here we go.

How to turn off the Always On Display (AOD)

Step 1- Go to your Device’s Settings and look for “Lock Screen and Security”.

Step 2- In Lock Screen and Security, find option “Always on Display”.

Step 3- Drag the little bar in front of it towards left to turn it off. 

Samsung S8 how to turn off always on display always on display Samsung Galaxy

Note:  You can also tap on Always on Display to go into this feature’s setting to explore more about this cool but yet batter serving feature. 

You have now disabled your Always on Display. This is surely save quite enough battery life on your Samsung device. 

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