Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+  may well be one of the biggest smartphones of the year and they might have a good battery life but there are always going to be issues with battery no matter what mobile you are using.Thanks to the digital World we live in now a days, using mobile has become a habit of most of us and thus we ruin our mobile’s battery life without even knowing day by day.  

Samsung S8 and S8 Plus claim to have one of the best smartphone batteries but there are always going to be problems and there are ways you can make this issue go away, or at least minimize it as much as possible by taking some handful tips AndroidiOSpack team have brought you.

So let’s get started to some of the solutions of Samsung S8 and S8 Plus’s battery issues.


Power saving mode:

You can use one of the built-in power saving modes, it is the easiest way to save battery power. It’ll add multiple hours to your battery life over the course of the day. It decreases brightness, lowers the screen resolution, limits CPU performance and disable both background network usage and the Always On DisplayGo to settings >> device maintenance >> battery.

Toggle power saving mode is another way of saving battery problems. You can easily turn it on and off in the notification shade of your quick setting menu. It helps in bringing down your screen resolution, it also turns off the many features which are not necessary.  

You can also put an app to sleep from the launcher on Samsung S8 and S8 plus by just long pressing an icon on your Samsung S8’s home screen and option “Sleep” will show up. Tap on it to put the app on sleep mode to save your  S8 battery.

Uninstall unused apps:

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to save your Samsung S8 battery. Everyone of us installs app just for the crack of it and then leave them there sitting on mobile for ages. Without noticing how much battery power they might be consuming. So go to Setting >> Apps and see through all the apps you have downloaded and delete the ones you don’t need. We can bet you will end up deleting quite a few. 

Keep an eye on apps which drain battery the most:

Go to your Samsung S8 Settings >> Device Maintenance >> Battery. And do that as often as possible to watch for those apps who are consuming most of the battery. You should be able to see the percentage written right in front of apps. Delete the unnecessary apps which are too heavy on your mobile battery. There is no need to keep unwanted apps which eat so much of your battery power. If there are essential apps which are heavy on your battery you can keep an eye on them to not leave them running on the back. 

If you go to your Settings, you will see an option “Unmonitored apps” tap on it and select all the apps you don’t want to be running at the back.

Lower the screen resolution:

Another quick solution to save your Samsung S8 battery life is to lower resolution of your mobile screen. Go into your S8 Settings >> Display >> Screen Resolution and lower your screen resolution to the minimum level where you can also enjoy your screen resolution and also save your battery. Although Samsung S8 and S8 Plus come with a default settings of FHD+ in which these mobiles never run on high resolution as FHD+ feature doesn’t let processor works hard for the resolution which saves the battery. 

Reduce screen brightness:

You can lower the screen brightness on your Galaxy S8 to save battery life either by using the slider in the notification shade, or in your S8 Mobile Settings >> Display >> Brightness. 

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Turn off unused radios:

You can also save battery by turning off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they’re not in use. They are easy to turn on and off in the quick settings section. Turning off WiFi or Bluetooth or Personal Internet Data will save a lot of your battery as your processor doesn’t need to work to catch the signals for these features. 

Turning off WiFi and Bluetooth scanning feature will help save your battery as well. As they both help with location service and map app. You can find this in your S8 Mobile Settings >> Connections >> location >> improve accuracy. 

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