In the past few years, Apple has understood that the entry-level iPhone has very little storage. iPhone has the ability to change your entire world, but you can’t enjoy it to its full potential because it is running low on memory. In this tutorial you will learn the various different methods on how you can save iPhone space running on iOS 11.

Since Apple has realized this, therefore they have started to change the pattern, last year iPhone started at 32GB, but this time it was 64GB, the more, the mere. However, many of us are still stuck with 16GB iPhone. We still have to face the problem of low storage.

If you are among the few who are still stuck with 16GB, let us be of little help. The new iOS 11 has come up with amazing space-saving features including HEIF format for photos and HEVC format for videos. Both these formats offer the same quality, but they can save up to 50% of the space. If you follow the tips below, we are sure you will be able to save a lot of memory within few minutes.

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iOS 11 Space Saving Tips and Tricks

We exclusively bring you 11 very important tips and tricks about how you can save iPhone space running iOS 11 operating system. Let’s get you straight to the tips and tricks without any further delay. 

Automatically Offload Apps to save iPhone space:

First of the 11 tips to save iPhone space is that you can manually delete the apps that you haven’t used in a long time by going to Settings, General, iPhone Storage. These are the apps that are taking away the precious memory. In iOS 11 the entire process is automated. Enabling the Automatic Offload process means that the phone will keep a check on the apps that you use regularly and the apps that you haven’t touched in weeks or months. So, when you are running low on memory, the phone will automatically delete the apps that you didn’t use in a while. The phone will delete only the app, its corresponding data will remain intact. So, it means that it is just a tap away.

Storage Recommendations to save iPhone space:

You should follow the new storage recommendations located in the iPhone Storage section. These recommendations can really help you to save iPhone space, it has information regarding every ranging from iMessage attachments till removed the old iTunes videos.

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Delete unwanted Videos and Photos to save iPhone space:

The phone has an amazing camera and for that very reason, we have a habit of taking unwanted pictures. Some of these pictures and videos are lying there, we never go relive them again. So, the best option is that you transfer them to your computer and let them be in peace. While you remove them from your phone so that you can have enough space for new photos and videos.

Use Google Photos or iCloud Photo Library to save iPhone space:

If you want to keep a backup of you every photo on the phone, we suggest you don’t do it by saving them on the phone. On the contrary, you can always use services like iCloud Photo Library or Google Photos. Pictures in these services are also going to be a click away, but it will save space on your 16GB iPhone. If you use iCloud Photo Library, you would have just 5GB to you, but using Google Photos means unlimited storage. Pictures uploaded on Google Photos are compressed. Enable the option that automatically uploads pictures to Google Photos and then delete from local.

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Remove Local Media Content to save iPhone space:

In the iPhone Storage section, see which app is consuming the maximum memory. Some of the apps have unwanted documents, photos and files saved, delete them. To delete them go to the app and manually delete the unwanted documents and files.

Delete Safari Cache

You might think it does not take much space, but the truth is opposite. Go to Settings, Safari and lastly tap on Clear History and Website Data. Delete the entire history including cache data, cookies by confirming from the next popup.

Remove Live Part of Live Photos

Yes, Live Photos let you actually relive that moment for a few seconds, but these video like pictures tend to take up a lot of space. It is better that you remove them when the need arises. So, we suggest that you disable this feature and just take still ones. Removing the live part from about 4 photos can recover about 12 MB of memory. So, imagine when you remove it from 100’s of photos how much space will you save.

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Delete from Recently Deleted Albums

App has a separate album that keeps the recently deleted photos. This is to recover any photo that you might have accidentally deleted. You might have deleted a picture from the photo album, but it still is in your phone’s memory. So, also delete it from the Deleted Album.

Delete Attachment from Messages

Deleting message threads that have a lot of media can help you save some memory. So, go to messages apps, tap on the Edit option and start deleting all the messages that have a lot of media in them. To delete the media of the conversation, to go the top of the conversation. Tap on the top image, there you will be able to see all the photos and videos, now delete the ones you don’t want.

Delete Extra Siri Voices

There is a possibility that you have downloaded additional Siri voices for accessibility reason. We think it is a good time to get rid of them, a single Siri voice can consume up to 900 MB. To delete the additional Siri Voices go to Settings, from there to General, Accessibility, and tap on VoiceOver, Speech and choose the language. Now to remove it, tap on Edit, Remove.

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Optimize Apple Music Storage

Allow iOS 11 to automatically manage your Apple Music Library. To do this, go to Settings, Music, Optimize Storage. You can limit the amount of storage that Apple music can use, ranging from 4GB to 64GB. Once the app reaches that storage limit, it will start deleting old music to make space for new one.

Remove iTunes Cache

if you use iTunes to rent movies or to buy movies, the cache files are still somewhere on the computer. These files could be a couple of GBs. You can remove them by a soft reboot. Hold the Home Screen button along with the Power button, till you see the reboot option. Swipe to reboot your phone.

Note: If you have iPhone 7, press Sleep/Wake button plus Volume Down button until you see the reboot option.

Disable Auto Downloading Media from WhatsApp

You tend to get a lot of photos and videos via WhatsApp. Many of these photos and videos are random and you don’t even bother looking at them. We suggest you turn off the auto media downloading option. To do this, go to Settings, Chats and disable the Save Incoming Media option.

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Download a Huge Movir or App

This trick might and might not work for you. Try to download an app or an HD movie that takes more space than what you have. Doing this will make the iOS clear junk files and cache in order to make room for the new file. After a while, stop downloading the file, this way you will have additional memory.

iMessages in iCloud

This feature in the not available in the current iOS 11 release, but it is expected to come very soon. You will be able to upload your iMessages in iCloud. This means you will be able to delete the local iMessage conversation while keeping it safe somewhere else.

Reset your Device

If nothing is working, make a backup of your iPhone on your computer and then reset your device. To reset the device, you have to go to Settings, General, Reset and lastly tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

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