With the rat race that has begun among the mobile phone producing giants, it is inevitable to get loaded with new errors and fixes with every passing second. Huawei is producing fabulous smartphones and they are beautiful to look at and efficient in use.

However, as we had written about Huwaei P10’s SIM card being not detected issue and its solution, today we are going to write on the battery life issue of this beast of a phone. No wonder its magnificent battery of 3200 mAh is full of grandeur but it has its cons. Users often complain about fast drainage pf the battery and how they have to be on their toes for recharging the battery every now and then.

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There are a few methods and safe havens with which you can save your Huawei P10/P10+ battery life and save yourself the annoyance of keeping it on charging all the time. (it feels that way nonetheless)

How to save Huawei P10/P10+ battery life:

Method 1: Auto brightness

Never turn the automatic brightness of Huawei P10/P10+ and keep it set, manually, at one point. The display is very attractive and efficient and so the automatic brightness feature consumes way more battery than you would ever want.

Method 2: Background apps

There are apps that are always running in the background without you noticing them. Always monitor your background apps and the ones that you don’t use or the ones which are consuming the most battery, uninstall them. Go to Settings >> Battery and evaluate the percentage of battery consumption by each app.

Method 3: Disable Wi-Fi:

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Most of the people have 3G/4G packages for data usage and that’s how they stay connected. If so, keeping the wifi on is futile and it is only burdening your battery ever more. You should disable the wifi instantly and enable it only when you know that you can’t use your data package or if the signals are weak or unavailable altogether.


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