We have just given you a tutorial about how to install Moto G4 TWRP Moto G4 Plus on Android Nougat which is mandatory to Root your Android Nougat device. Users were lucky that they are the first who received Android Nougat updates. Android Nougat 7.0 update gives some new and exciting features to your Motorola device including new multitasking features, improvement in notification process and control, data saver, Usability and has some battery features. These Android Nougat updates features give the user a new Motorola experience with Moto action (swipe to shrink the screen) and Fingerprint sensor for screen lock for Moto G4 plus.

But the scene was a bit different for the developers. After the release of Nougat updates for Moto G4 plus developer had to find another way to root the nougat ROM.The method which they used to root the Moto device for Android Marshmallow does not work on Nougat updates.

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But thanks to Doomed151 a user of XDA Developers(a mobile software development community), who found a way to get root access on Moto G4 plus with Android Nougat installed.

We are sure if you want to Root Moto G4 Plus on your Android Nougat device, you already 

Steps to Root Moto G4 Plus on Android Nougat:

Follow the below steps:
Step 1-  After the TWRP has successfully booted, click on Install.
Step 2- Go to the directory where you placed the file.
Step 3- Click on file and swipe right to flash it
Step 4- Go back to the TWRPs main screen.
Step 5- Click on Install. 
Step 6- Go to the directory and find the file.
Step 7- Click on file and swipe right to flash it.
Step 8- Go Back to TWRPs main screen.
Step 9- Boot your device into the systems. Select Reboot» System 
Step 10- Download and install the phh’s SuperSu from the Google Play Store.
Step 11- Update the SU binary if asked (Just follow the on-screen instructions).

Now for verifying root download the root check app from play store.

That’s all about Installing TWRP on Moto G4 and G4 Plus. Those were some few steps which when executed perfectly will root your Moto G4 Plus on Nougat Stock ROM.

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