How To Root Samsung Galaxy S8 And Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the talk of the town, people have lined up to get their hands on the masterpiece of Samsung. In order to get a deeper access to the phone’s functionality, rooting has perhaps become very common in the last few years. More and more coders and programmers are trying to penetrate the phone in order to develop a new app or just to mess around with their phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are left out from this securitization. People are really keen on gaining the root access, which by the way is not functionality or a feature; it is, on the contrary, an exploit. In other words, you have penetrated to the lowest level of the phone and you can now fiddle with its very core. It can cause a problem, if you are naïve, however, with software likes Odin for PC and the latest TWPR 3.1.0+ custom recovery and rooting software for the phone, it has become very easy to root your phone. There are variants available for this particular software, i.e. for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus you can use G955F/FD/X/N and for simple S8 use SM-G950F/FD/X/N.

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Since the official TWRP recovery software is available for Samsung Galaxy S8, therefore you can easily root the phone via the new Magisk 12.0+ module. However, there is always a chance that TWRP might cause a problem while reading the SD card or the storage mainly due to encryption. So, you need an additional decryption zip in order to fully root your phone without a problem. Another important thing to remember is that this is particularly for Exvons variants. We suggest that you should never try it on Snapdragon 835 variant devices.

Download the rooting files:
Below we have listed the files that you need to download
Samsung Mobile Drivers
Latest Odin 3.12.3+
S8 decryption zip
Magisk 12
TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S8 dreamlte (SM-G950F/FD/X/N)
TWRP for S8 Plus dream2lte (G955F/FD/X/N)

Note: When you install a custom package like TWRP, there is a high chance that your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus warranty is finished. So proceed on your own discretion. Androidiospack will not be held responsible.

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Rooting Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus on Nought Firmware update (G955F/FD/X/N)

The first step is to flash the TWRP recovery through Odin software and to do this, you need to add it to the AP section. Now, you have to flash the Magisk package to get access to the root. If something goes wrong, simply re-flash the complete stock firmware. Download the full firmware package.

Prerequisites for rotting Samsung Galaxy S8:

⦁ The first step is to verify your device for compatibility, the below method is for S8 with Exvnos model only.
⦁ Before processing it is imperative that you enable the OEM unlock option from the developer’s options. For this, go to Settings>About phone and then you need to tap on the build number several times
⦁ You also need to enable the USB Debugging from the developer’s options as well.
⦁ Next, enable the advanced reboot option and also ensure you have only latest Samsung mobile drivers on your PC.

Rooting instructions:

⦁ Download TWRP for your phone, move it to your computer. Then transfer Magisk and the no encryption zip to your phone.
⦁ Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S8 into the Odin or the download mode. To do this, turn off your device completely, and restart it by pressing and holding the power button along with the home keys and the volume down button.
⦁ Run Odin3 3.12.3.exe file on your system as administrator
⦁ Connect S8 to the PC via a cable when you phone is still in the download mode
⦁ You will see that the ID: Com present in the Odin mode will turn blue with a message “Added”
⦁ To add TWRP recovery TAR file, you need to click on the AP button.
⦁ Disable the auto reboot option and then proceed on with the installation by selecting the start button

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⦁ In the log tab, you will see a Pass message, it means the TWRP is installed
⦁ Now to directly reboot in the TWRP recovery mode, you need to turn off the phone and hold volume down along with the power button to turn it back on.
⦁ Take a complete Nandroid Backup from the TWRP.
⦁ To disable dm-crypt and encryption, tap on the install and flash option of the no-verity-opt-encrypt-zip.
⦁ Next is to flash the through TWRP.
⦁ If you are done, just reboot your device to the system and you are good to go.

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