The glory of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ is still up and running and has not yet dimmed even in the slightest. The avid users of such devices know that to unleash the real power of these devices, one has to root them and there are various ways of rooting your device. CF-Autoroot is the most reliable and easiest way to rot your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+.

The device works just as perfect in its unrooted state but once you have rooted your phone, you will open doorways to new paths and horizons and then there is no coming back from there. The only downside of rooting your device is that the moment it has been rooted, the warranty ends.

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There are numerous variants of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and thus all methods are varied according to the variant of the phone. This tutorial on how to root your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ with CF-Autoroot is strictly for the Galaxy S8 variant SM-G950U/ G950W and Galaxy S8+ variant SM-G955U/ G955W which would be running on Android Nougat.


(i) OEM unlock should be enabled on your smartphone.

(ii) USB debugging mode should be enabled on your smartphone.

(iii) Latest USB drivers should be installed.

Required downloads:

(i) Odin 3.12.5

(ii) CF-Autoroot for S8:

(iii) CF-Autoroot for S8+:

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Step by Step Instructions for Rooting Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U/ G950W) and Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955U/ G955W) with CF-Auto-Root:

Step 1- First of all, you should rub Odin 3.12.5 as administrator on your desktop and then extract the downloaded CF-Autoroot file on your computer.

Step 2- Now turn off your device and press and hold the Power button, Volume down key and Bixby button simultaneously for booting your device into download mode.

Step 3- Use a USB cable for connecting your device with the computer and then the ID: COM por on Odin shall change its colour to blue and you should see ‘Added’.

Step 4- Next you should click on the AP button on Odin and find .tar file that has been extracted earlier. Select the file upon locating it.

Step 5- The one and only option that needs to be checked is F. Reset Time and then click on the Start button for beginning the flashing of CF-Autoroot on your device.

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Step 6- As soon as the installation is complete a ‘PASS’ message shall appear and then you are good to go for rebooting your smartphone by long pressing the Power button+Volume up and down key simultaneously.

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