Google play store is the one stop shop for downloading and installing all the apps one needs who is an Android user and yet this is not enough for some users some times. At times, people need to download an app directly from an APK which is considered an unknown source as it is not a centrally controlled source by Google so one has to give permission before they can install an app from an APK. After you have enabled the permission the app would be installed in your device. But this is not where it ends, with Android Oreo the better way is to revoke or disable the unknown source permission on Android Oreo once again in order to keep the security and safety of your device intact.

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The idea behind this new feature is to keep the user at mind’s peace because many a time updates get rolled out over the air meaning they are not readily available all around the globe and certainly not for all the variants so users tend to download various apps through APKs which asks for unknown source installation permission. Viruses and other cyber crimes can be committed easily if your device is not fully protected. So in order to keep that precautionary measure at priority it is advisable that the users should revoke or disable the unknown source permission on Android Oreo as soon as they are done with the downloading and installation of the app from an APK. Here is ho to do it.

How to revoke or disable the unknown source permission on Android Oreo:

Step 1- First of all you will have to go to Settings >> Apps and notifications >> Advanced.

Step 2- You will see an array of options under ‘Advanced’ and among them you shall find the option ‘Special app access’. Tap on it right away.

Step 3- More likely, you will find at the bottom of the screen among the list of options ‘Install unknown apps’ and you simply have to find the particular app for which you wish to revoke the permission and then toggle it.

That easy and simple it is to revoke or disable the unknown source permission on Android Oreo. Good luck.

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