Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ is a marvellous creation from the Korean tycoon but it also has its downsides here and there. Along other issues like DQA error, Camera failed error, Red tint problem and the like, missing sound is also something many users have experienced since the day they have bought their flagship device.

People have complained that during the playing of a video from any source, may it be an application or stock video player, the audio goes off entirely for a few seconds and then comes back on itself. No matter how trivial it seems but in all honesty, it is very disturbing. So far the cause of this problem is undetermined but sooner or later we are to get an update or an official proper fix for the said error.

For now, we have a few methods with which you can save your energy and get to enjoy the video you are watching with uninterrupted audio faculty.

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How to resolve the Missing Sound issue in Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

Method 1: New SIM card

Many users have gone straight to their carrier customer services officers and replaced their old SIM card with a new one. So far this has worked fine.

Method 2: Resetting of network settings

Go to Settings >> About device >> Reset >> Reset network settings >> Punch in the phone’s PIN >> Reset all settings.

Method 3: Software updates

Go to Settings >> Software update >> Download updates manually.

Method 4: Wipe cache partition

Read here for the complete process.

Method 5: Factory reset

Read here for the complete process.

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Method 6: Flash factory firmware

Read here for the complete process


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