In this tutorial we bring you an exclusive guide to fix the most common bug issue faced by iPhone and iPad users again and again every time iOS device users download a major update. We’ll tell you how to Resolve iCloud sign in loop bug in iPhone and iPad devices. Not many people know but you can fix the bug issue while changing some setting within your iOS device.

It’s a very technical issue and it has been keep happening again and again with Apple device users and the complains keep on coming. So let’s get to this very short and easy yet a comprehensive and simple steps guide to make your life a lot more easier.

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Resolve iCloud sign in loop bug in iPhone and iPad:

Step 1- First of all what you need to do is open the Setting options on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2- Go in to the ID Banner option on top of device screen by tapping on it.

Step 3- You need to sign out your ID from your iCloud ID.

Step 4- Next you also need to disable your Find My iPhone option by turning the app option off and then tap sign off.

Step 5- Reboot(power Cycle) your iOS device and go back into Settings and ID banner again and go into iCloud.

Step 6- In case you have two different Apple IDs for Appstore/iTunes and iCloud, You should abstain from tapping on your name or email address if you have not signed out of the latter id you were using before.

Step 7- Just sing in with your iCloud Apple ID.

Note: It could take couple of minutes logging in.

Step 8- This step you need to insert your device’s pass code.

That’s it. You should not have the sign in issue every time you download a major update from Apple. Enjoy an annoyance free device.

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