Samsung Galaxy S8 has ultra-modern features from bezel-less design to 12 dual megapixel camera to Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version and it is faster than its predecessors manifold. It, even, has the ability to connect two devices simultaneously. The pairing time of S8/S8+ with a BT device is very less as its speed is faster. But with all the glorious BT 5.0 there have been unhappy users.

Many users have complained about the BT 5.0 on many forums but still there has not been an official come out of a solution to resolve this very problem. The hype that was created about this laser fast BT 5.0 is coming to an end rapidly with the bad reception and connection. However, we have assembled a few methods in order to present a solvable problem that the latest Samsung flagship is facing at the moment.

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How to resolve Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity issue on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

Method 1

(a) Turn both your S8/S8+ and BT device off and then turn them both on.

(b) Delete already existing pairing if any.

(c) Re-pair your Samsung flagship with BT device.

Method 2:

(a) Go to Settings >> Application manager >> Display system apps.

(b) Select ‘Bluetooth’ from the list appearing on the screen.

(c) Tap on ‘Storage’ and then on ‘Clear cache’ from BT options.

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(d) Any BT pairings along with cache memory will be wiped.

(e) Re-pair your Samsung flagship with BT device.


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