Truecaller is an amazingly popular app that tends to reveal the Caller ID even if that person is not in your contact list. The app is might popular in some European and Asian countries. The app tends to provide a real service and it is the most inescapable thing. It might provide you information regarding the other party, but at the same time, it collects your information as well. This can be troublesome, therefore we are going to teach you how to remove number from Truecaller.

Even if you don’t sign up for the Truecaller’s database, yet your information will be present in it thanks to the Magic of crowdsourcing. There are two ways to avoid getting your phone in the Truecaller database and we are going to provide you the complete information regarding this method. If you want to entirely delist your name from the app, you will have to delete it completely.

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How to Remove Number from Truecaller: Deactivate your Account

Below are the steps that will help you deactivate your account.

Step 1: Launch the Truecaller app on your phone and then look for the More tab. Tap on it.

Step 2: Now scroll down and look for the about section option.

Step 3: There you will see the deactivate account option, tap on it.

The app claims that they will take about 24 hours to deactivate your account; however, it is not very reliable. After 24 hours, ask your friends to check whether your information is still present or not.

Remove Number from Truecaller: Unlist your Number

You can use the online tool to unlist your number from the database. Below are the steps to do so.

Step 1: Click on the link to Truecaller’s Unlist Website.

Step 2: On the next window, type in your phone number along with the country code.

Step 3: Select the reason for unlisting. To make sure that you are not reboot, you will have to type Captcha and finally click on Unlist. Now tap on done.

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