In this tutorial below, you are going to learn how to remap Google Pixel 2 Active Edge / Squeeze Gesture. Both Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL are amazing phones. They have outstanding and outclass features. Google has come up with something that is worth your money. Google has introduced a new way to silencing incoming calls and launching Google Assistant. You can do both via the squeeze gesture.

HTC was the first one to come up with it, they incorporated this feature in their HTC 11 and it was known as HTC Sense. The developers did try their best to remap the squeeze gesture in Google Pixel 2, but they were unable to do so. They thought that is it not a possibility, but thanks to the developer Flar2, you can now remap Google Pixel 2 Active Edge / Squeeze Gesture.

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You can use the gesture to open the camera, WhatsApp, Facebook or use it to toggle on/off the silent mode. The good thing is that you do not need any root access. It can be done by installing an app. The name of the app is Button Mapper: Remap your keys. Since it is a workaround, so it might not be the perfect solution. But as long as you able to do more than just what the device came with, it is pretty good.

You will love what you can do after you customize the option. Many of you would love to launch their Facebook or Instagram with just a squeeze and you can do this now on your Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 devices. The process of remapping the Active Edge feature is also easy and effective, it isn’t time-consuming. You will really love doing it!

So, without any further delay, we should get straight to the guide on How to remap Active Edge/Squeeze Gesture on Google Pixel 2.

How to remap Google Pixele 2 Active Edge / Squeeze Gesture:

Below are the steps that will let you remap Google Pixel 2 Active Edge / Squeeze Gesture.

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  1. First thing first, you need to download and install Button Mapper from Google Store. Make sure that you have the latest version, the latest version is 0.53.
  2. Then ensure that Active Edge feature is enabled on your Google Pixel 2.
  3. Launch the Button Mapper, follow the on-screen instructions to setup the app.
  4. Look at the bottom of the screen you will see a Tiny Bar. It is called the Snackbar. This is to enable the Button Mapper’s accessibility service.
  5. Hit the Go button and you will be taken to the Accessibility Service page of the app. From there you can enable the Accessibility service.
  6. You will be automatically brought back to the Button Mapper app. There look for the Buttons option. Tap on it and you will find the Active Edge. To remap it, tap on Customize option.
  7. Now the app will ask you to connect your Google Pixel 2 to a PC and run a script.
  8. To run the script, you need to setup ADB/Fastboot on your computer.
  9. After you setup, ADB, open Command Prompt, from ADB directory and type the following command.
  • db shell sh/data/data/flar2.homebutton/
  1. Once you are done running the script, you need to restart the app. To do so, tap on the button to restart the app.
  2. The device is up again, now tap on Active Edge under the Buttons header in the app. Choose any app that you want to trigger on the squeeze gesture.

That is, you can now enjoy the remap Google Pixel 2 Active Edge / Squeeze Gesture. 

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