You can use Apple iTunes gift cards to purchase things on Apple content stories. In this article, we will tell you about different types of gift cards, how to us them and how to redeem them and much more.

iTunes Gift Cards

You can purchase these gift cards from Best Buy, eBay, Amazon and other retailers. They usually come in $25, $50 and $100. You use these cards to make purchases at Apple’s stores and their validity is between 3 to 12 months.

You can buy the physical cards or the digital ones that come with redemption codes. If you opt for the digital card, your redemption code that will be delivered straight to your inbox.  The code is 16-digit long and it always starts with an X. It is also hidden beneath a label located at the back of the card.

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When making a purchase on Apple stores, iTunes billing system looks for the store credit that you get via these gift cards first. If the total cost is more than your credit, iTunes Billing system will then head to the payment method that you have designated at the time of signing up.

Store Credit can be used for

  • iCloud Storage,
  • iBooks Store, (Audiobooks and Books)
  • TV Shows, Songs, Movies etc from iTunes Store
  • Apps from App Store

You cannot buy more gift cards from store credit. Likewise, you cannot share the store credit with family members or when you are trying to gift a media item or an app to someone.

Redeem Apple iTunes Gift Cards:

Step 1- From your iOS device, go to iTunes Store> Apple Store.

Step 2- Tap the feature tab and look for the Redeem option located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3- Sign in with the Apple ID and select the option of getting a card scan or typing the code manually.

Step 4- A physical card can be scanned using the inbuilt camera, tap on “Use Camera” and point the camera towards the back of the card till it scans. This feature is not available in all countries

Step 5- For manually entering the code, tap on the field “You can also enter the code manually” and enter the code. But first, you need to peel off the label under which the code is hidden.

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Step 6- Once the store verifies the code, it updates your store balance. Also, you will be given an option of either using the code for individual Apple Music Membership for adding it to the iTunes store credit.

Step 7- Now tap on Done to finish. To add another gift card, tap on Redeem another Code. For people who got their card via email, should click on Redeem Now link.

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