In this article we are going to talk about how you can recover deleted notification history on Android devices. It is nothing new with Android users that they, by mistake, clear some of their notifications from the notification log in a state of frenzy. Deleted notification history on Android is a norm because the notification menu tends to fill up in such rapidity that it is not always possible to keep up with all the notifications at once. The problem arises when you realise that you want to have a look on the cleared notification on Android. Well this is not an extraordinary problem and neither is the solution.

Stock Android users should not have any difficulty in recovering notification history without having to download and install and external app. All they have to do is unlock the developer options to get to a secret widget and then check the Android notification history. But this is not the case with all Android users. Samsung smartphones are a prime example where an app would have to be installed for seeing and to recover deleted notification history on Android. This is not about discrimination but the difference between User Interface makes it a necessity for Samsung users to install the particular app for the said purpose.

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How to recover deleted notification history on Android:

The foremost thing one has to do when trying to recover deleted notification history on Android is to enable the developer options for accessing a built-in shrouded widget. You will have to go to Settings >> About phone >> Baseband version (tapping it four or five times). This shall enable your developer options as a notification on the screen will let you know. Once your developer options are enabled, you will have to long press on the empty space on your device’s home screen and then tap on Widgets. You will see ‘Settings shortcut’ widget while scrolling down the widget menu. You will have to long press the Settings shortcut widget and drag it on one of your home screens when they appear. Settings shortcut menu will appear and you will have to scroll down to ‘Notification log’ and tapping this will give you all the access to the deleted notification history.

How to recover deleted notification history on Android with Notification History Log App:

Samsung users have no choice but to download and install the above mentioned app ‘Notification History Log’ from Google play store. The app is quite handy and easy to use to recover deleted notification history and is free to download. It will keep all your notifications in the log book for one day and you can maximize this limit by purchasing in-app options for longer history of all your notifications. The free version is not all that bad, rather it is not bad at all. You can select the apps you want the history of, to be recorded and kept a record of. Moreover, you can also blacklist specific apps if you want for certain reasons and all this is possible without having to pay anything for the app. The only drawback of the free version is the one day limit of the recorded history that will be automatically erased after one day of staying in the log book.

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