In this article we are going to discuss how you can recover and read deleted messages on WhatsApp. There was a time when a wrong or embarrassing message once sent on WhatsApp would become your fatal enemy and fodder for the group/person for roasting you alive. May it be a slip of typing, auto-correct error (as ironic as it may sound) or a rush of thoughts where you spit out something in a nano second and regret that later, WhatsApp was not a safe haven for incorrect messages. The tables did turn though and WhatsApp was updated some time back with new features and one of the great WhatsApp tricks was the deletion of unwanted messages.

The sender has, now, the liberty to delete a message even after sending it in a group or one-to-one chat window in Whatsapp. This is a brilliant idea because many times, jokes and roasting aside, wrongly intended or wrongly written messages could become a bone of contention between/among people.

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But again there is no denying that humans are curious by nature specially if they are restricted or not allowed to do, eat, or read something. So is the case with the neat Whatsapp trick where the sender has an edge of getting rid of a bad message and many a people were almost annoyed by the undue benefit for the sender. Most of them actually wanted to recover deleted messages and have a look at them. This is where tech wizards come in who are always looking to find new ways of engaging their creative minds, for the better or worse, they don’t care.

In order to be able to recover and read deleted messages on Whatsapp there is nothing that you can do on the Whatsapp app itself because it would only negate the very function of being able to delete a specific message. For the purpose of recovering deleted messages there are a couple of apps available that you can download easily from Google play store and install them in your smartphone. Either one of the apps is enough for the said purpose and you will be able to read deleted messages as if they were never erased in the first place. Both apps work in exactly the same way, the only difference is the layout and appearance. Download the apps from google play store from the link below.

Download Notification History App

Download Notif Log notification history App

The recovery app is not very demanding but all it requires is permission once you open the installed app for the first time. The permission has to be granted because the app needs to override other apps in order to collect notification data. This is how it works, by accumulating your notification data, as in whatever notifications you are receiving on your smartphone, the app keeps a record of it like a log book, whether a message was deleted or not. Every single notification will be saved for you to go through later on and this is almost of piece of cake if you are that much into reading deleted messages.

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