Korea is the home country of the Samsung and Korean brand has introduced its latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is now in great demand in the market. With this excellent smartphone the brand has also introduced the Bixby 2.0 which is a built in virtual assistant. It was easy to disable the Bixby button in the previous smartphones of Samsung for the users but in Note 9 it is not the same. You have to use different ways for rearrange Bixby Button/Bixby Button 2.0 on in Galaxy Note 9.

Ways to Rearrange Bixby Button/Bixby Button 2.0 on in Galaxy Note 9:

There are two apps, the bxActions and Button Mapper, that can help you to remap the Bixby button and you can get them from Google Playstore. There is the guide for you to use these apps for the Bixby button remapping.

METHOD NO.01 to rearrange Bixby Button/Bixby Button 2.0 on in Galaxy Note 9:

Using the Button Mapper

The other reliable app available on Google Playstore through which Bixby 2.0 can be remapped is Button Mapper. Consider the following steps to use Button Mapper.

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Step 1- Download the ADB drivers on the PC and enable them from your Galaxy Note 9.

Step 2- Go to the Settings app then select About Phone and then Software Information. Tap for 7 times on the build number, enter password and then double tap back button. Now enable the USB debugging through developer options.

Step 3- From app drawer launch the app and enable the accessibility services from the app.

Step 4- Select the option of Bixby button then the icon and run the commands mentioned here:

adb shell sh /data/data/flar2.homebutton/ adb shell sh /data/data/flar2.homebutton/ –d

Steo 5- You will have to run the second one after every reboot to disable the Bixby Voice.

Step 6- Now assign the function to Bixby button.

After following these simple steps to follow and you are able to remap the Bixby 2.0 on the Samsung  Galaxy Note 9.

METHOD NO.02 to rearrange Bixby Button/Bixby Button 2.0 on in Galaxy Note 9:

Using the bxActions app

bxActions is the app that supports the Bixby button remapping on the high-end Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Moreover, this app also supports the actions for single press, double press and the long press.

Following are the steps to use this app:

  1. First, download the ADB drivers on your PC and enable from your mobile. If you do not have them already then you can download from here.
  2. Go to Settings then About Phone and then Software Information. Tap your finger for 7 times on the build number, enter the password and double tap the back button and enable the USB debugging from developer options.
  3. Then you have to Launch the bxActions by app drawer and grant the asked permissions, select the Bixby button and there is an option “please unlock permissions using a PC”, tap this option.
  4. After tapping that option, you have to Run the two commands mentioned below:

Adb shell pm grant com.jamworks.bxactions android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS adb shell pm grant com.jamworks.bxactions android.permission.READ_LOGS

  1. At last shut the app down, again launch it and assign an option to Bixby button.
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