In the gaming world, every day we come across a new, high-tech and high-resolution game. Despite having hundreds of games at our disposal, very few games actually make it to the big game. Games like fortnite, need for speed, etc. attract thousands of users. Recently, we have come across a game that is becoming popular at an amazing speed. Popular game Simcity is the talk of the town. Most of the users are looking for a way to play simCity buildlt on PC.

The game lets you fully enjoy the perks of placing your seat behind the mayors. The good news is you don’t need experience in. Urbanization or politics to come up with a city if your own. The good news is that Simcity buildlt is better than its previous ancestors. The game is easier to operate and it offers better resolution. Unlike the traditional SimCity where you have to plan in square patterns, the new simCity is all about lines. The player would have to build industries and houses along with the the utilities that are required for the running these facilities.

There is no need for mucking around power lines and pipelines that is nice if you are playing on your smartphone. Unlike the traditional SimCity, in simCity buildlt you start by a couple of residential zones and this is the place where your sim population is going to make their home. For this particular area, there are no changes, you do not have to pay more for the roads or the pipes. However, in order to play ahead, you will need to level up. Once you start to level up, you gain access to industrial plots. You can actually make stuff for your population such as iron, wood, and plastic. In addition, there are shops in the sim via which you can talk about your burgeoning metropolis.

The shops come up with raw material along with tools. As you grow your city, you will be needing more of these materials in order to urban the barren lands.
The starting of the game is pretty simple, you have a small square of land to you. In order to develop you need resources and leveling up. Some of the primary resources include industrialization, resource generating building and much more.

Now that we have given you a brief introduction of the all-new simCity buildlt. It is time to tell you how to download and play simCity buildlt on PC.

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How to download and Play simCity buildlt on PC

We are going to provide you with a way via which you can enjoy simCity on your laptops or desktops. The method works best with window 7 and above. For Mac users, you need to have recent OS C or macOS.

The up to date emulators and smart methods make it possible for you to enjoy a seamless experience of simCity on your laptop or desktop. If you use the emulator we use, you will be able to enjoy the game to its full potential.

Steps to play simCity buildlt on PC

Following are the steps that will let you play simCity buildlt on PC or desktop.

Step-1: Download the following emulators on your laptop or desktop.

Step-2: After the download is complete, launch the setup file in order to install it on your computer. You might have to double click the setup file of the emulator to instigate the installation process.

Step-3: To complete the installation process, it is mandatory for you to sign up with your Google or Gmail account. Signing up with your Gmail or any other account will give you permission to download and play several other games.

Step-4: next, you need to head to my apps tab.

Step-5: Once in the tab, look for the system app folder. Inside the folder, search for the google play store folder.

Step-6: Search for simCity buildlt inside the Google Play Store folder. For a short cut, use the following browser in the emulator’s browser.

Link: SimCity BuildIt

Step-7: Now download the game as you would any other game from Google play store.

Step-8: Once the installation is completed, simCity icon will appear on in the My app section as well as in the desktop. Simple click on the icon to play simCity buildlt on PC.

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