PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, most commonly known as PUBG, is the most trendy game nowadays when it comes to mobile phone gaming. One of the many amazing features of PUBG Mobile is that not only can you play it on your own but with multiplayers, and more amazingly, with your friends. Yes, it is a pretty simple task to play PUBG mobile with friends on your mobile device and does not take much time or hassle in getting your friends ready for the next battle in which they shall participate with you equally in conquering the enemy.

Most of the people are still wondering while playing PUBG mobile duos and squads that how do they play PUBG mobile with friends and it is not a question too baffling. There are many people who have already added loads of other players in their friends list and thus can easily add them in PUBG mobile duos and squads. Others who have not gathered many people in their friends list need to know the actual process through which they also can play PUBG mobile with friends.

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This goes without saying that if you play PUBG mobile with friends, the whole overall experience is totally different in a positive way and it all becomes more entertaining and less nerve wrecking. The below mentioned few steps shall make it less complicated for you to add other players and friends in your list.

How to play PUBG mobile with friends by adding them in friends list:

Step 1- First of all you need to be on the PUBG mobile home screen where you shall see two persons’ silhouette at the bottom of left hand corner of the screen. Tap on it.

Step 2- As soon as you will click the silhouette a lobby screen shall appear where you will see ‘Add friends’ button on the right hand side of the screen. Tap on it.

Step 3- Now is the time to start searching for other players by punching in either a player ID or the username of a player in order to add them in your list directly. Once you will enter the required information in the bar, you will see a plus icon on the right hand side of their banner. Tap on it.

Step 4- In case you have no idea of any player’s ID or username, you shall ask permission of them and then if it is granted, you will be able to add them in your list.

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