It is Thursday again and this time Fortnite is back with Moisty Mire Treasure Hunt for week 9 and the players are going berserk all around the globe since the game’s popularity is over the board nowadays and players tend to actually look forward and anticipate what’s to come in the coming or the week next to that. Season 3 is almost over and this last challenge of Moisty Mire Treasure Hunt for week 9 is going to prove to be the epitome of the whole season. There is not a shred of doubt that players are already waiting for Season 4 for Fortnite and can not control their excitement but meanwhile these amazing tasks are being rolled out to keep them busy.

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How to play the Moisty Mire Treasure Hunt for week 9:

There are always two steps in completing a challenge in Fortnite and it is the same this time as well. First of all the map has to be located and then the next step takes us to deciphering the map in order to decode the actual location of the treasure where you can go and hunt it out. The name gives a lot of information itself as we all know that Moisty Mire Treasure hunt for week 9 takes us to moisty mires for locating the treasure and making it a requirement that the players should disembark the battle shuttle as near the mires as possible.

Normally quite visible landmarks are given as a clue to where the star will be found but in Moisty Mire Treasure Hunt for week 9 all you would see is a triangle made of trees pointing towards a house and some footsteps also going towards another larger house with a chimney on top. You shall see a big red cross on the house’s chimney indicating the star.

The whole scene would most probably make you wonder if you are somewhere near retail row and the players would have to exactly head over there in order to complete the challenge at hand and for that you would have to rotate the map towards the left side of the screen. Next you will have to take the north direction from moisty mires before getting on to retail row and you will reach southwest corner.

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There you will come across a number of houses so if you do not see the battle star on the very first house’s rooftop, no need to fret. Keep looking for the battle star until you find it and grab it to complete the Moisty Mire Treasure hunt for week 9. the only thing you need to be careful about while performing this cumbersome task is to be aware of the snipers who can be hiding anywhere to ambush you.

There are more challenges apart from Moisty Mire Treasure Hunt for week 9, and you can have a look at them down below. Best of luck with completing as many tasks as you possibly can without getting killed or being dead.

  • Follow the treasure map found in Moisty Mire (Hard) – 10 Stars
  • Search Chests in Haunted Hills – 5 Stars
  • Build Structures – 5 Stars
  • Shotgun Eliminations (Hard) – 10 Stars
  • Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing – 10 Stars
  • Deal damage to opponents structures – 5 Stars

And this is your Fortnite season 3 updates for week 9 with the extreme anticipation of season 4 which is bound to release pretty soon and we all can not hold our horses. So it is better to engage in healthy activities like swimming, cycling, and when you get extra time some game playing.

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