Fortnite is among the most popular iOS games. People around the globe have been going crazy after the same. News that you can soon be able to enjoy this amazing game on your Android phone has taken the world by storm. Everyone is looking forward to playing it on his or her Android phones. However, if you are unable to wait and want to join the action a little early, you are in for a treat. We have come up with a way through which you can you play fortnite on Android smartphones.

To enjoy the game on your Android phone, you will have to use Steam Link. Get hold of a computer, and link Fortnite to your Steam client. You can do this is by adding the game as a non-steam game. However, remember that this method is only effective if your laptop and phone are connected to the same internet connection.

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Play Fortnite On Android: The Complete Guide

Follow the steps below to enjoy the amazing phone on your smartphone.

  1. First thing first, you need to have Steam Link on your Android Phone. In case you don’t have it, download it from the Play store.
  2. Now connect your phone with the same WI-Fi as that of your laptop and launch the app.
  3. The app will detect your PC and ask you to enter a PIN on the host Machine.
  4. Now you need to open your machine in the app. Before that get hold of your USB on the go adapter or USB controller or Bluetooth Controller.
  5. You will now log into your Steam account.
  6. Your controller will be treated as Xbox 360 controllers by the Steam Link-built in control.
  7. Now you can enjoy playing Fortnite on your smartphone without hugging to your computer.

Despite the fact, the steam link setup is effective and efficient, yet it comes with a drawback. It lacks the LTE compatibility. There are certain apps that have the capacity to build the gap, and you have to select the right one for you. The right one mainly depends on the hardware that you are using. For instance, your best shot is Moonlight if your host machine is running an NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card. Although it might have to set it up before you can actually use it, but once everything is in place it will offer a seamless experience.

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