Fortnite week 4 challenges in season 4 are out and we are about to go on a hauling ride in order to collect the battle starts for this week and some amazing collectible Omega and Blockbuster skins. The players who have already bought the skin instead of playing for it, they can simply strive to earn the blockbuster skin and have a go at it. The main Fortnite challenges for week 4 are as usual to collect as many battle stars as possible.

Storm circles is one of the challenges where you would have to get to three circles if you wish to complete this challenge. The best strategy for playing this challenge is to stay out of sight for as long as possible because there would be many a player already marching towards the circles. Wait them out because in the end it is hardly more than 15 players with whom you would need to compete. If you stay in the middle of the circle that would also help you in getting the three circles faster and safely.

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Many players would rush towards the Wailing woods to find and open the chests and get their hands on the rewards. This is one of the Fortnite challenges for week 4 and it is a mighty difficult task because the woods are always going to be crowded at one single time since every player would want to open the chest. The sad part is that most of the players get to open only one chest in one match thus making it not a very fruitful effort in a single match. But on the other hand you get to have seven matches in order to open all the chests so that takes off some of the edge from the players’ mind. There is one chest in the maze and if you get to land on top of it you will stand firm chance of opening it but that is still not a sure shot thing. Apart from finding and opening chests in Wailing woods, this in also a great place to make high assault damage to the unarmed treasure seekers.

More of the Fortnite challenges for week 4 are that 7 ammo boxes is what you are going to need in order to stay in the storm and still keep a check on ammo boxes for locating them. The best way is to keep distance from cluttered places to avoid any damage to your player. The best places for you to look for ammo boxes would be under the stair flights, over and above the shelves starting from Flush factory and Lucky landing because these locations would be far from the action and crowd thus giving you safety and protection from the opponents.

All you have to do to act in Snobby shores is, grab a shotgun and become part of the fire hole which would already be open as there would be many players already fighting each other. All you have to do is open fire and fight you enemy, and in case you die, you can always start over, unlike in real life.

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