Portrait Mode Photos are amazing, they tend to enhance the overall quality of the photos. When you take a photo using the portrait mode, a new folder is created and the photo is placed in it. Since Google Pixel has only one Google Photos app and not a secondary one it can become really irritating. You will have to search folders and folders just to have a look at one picture. We know this can be irritating, but we are going to tell you how to move Google Camera Portrait Photos.

To Move Google Camera Portrait Photos, you will need an additional app. It is a small, lightweight app that will resolve your problem. The entire process will become easy and arranging your photos will become efficient. The app is called GCam Tool. Download it on your phone and make everything simple and easy.

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Move Google Camera Portrait Photos

It is a free Android app and you can easily download it from Google Play Store. GCam Tool is an excellent app to organize your pictures. Every time you take a picture using the portrait mode, the app is going to make a copy of it and place it in the destined place. It is all up to you, you can either keep all the photos in one folder or you can use a different folder for the portrait mode pictures. Below we did highlight the major features that the app offers.

  1. You have the flexibility of selecting pictures that you want to move to the Gallery.
  2. You can decide not only the destination folders but also the source folders.
  3. It provides you the ability to move more than one picture at a time.
  4. The app also deletes the sub-folder that you phone creates.

All and all, it is an excellent tool for managing and moving Google camera Portrait photos. Since the app is not going to take a lot of space, we do suggest that you download it right away.

Download GCam Tool from Google Play Store

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