Latest need, customizing Pixel 2 Edge Squeeze characteristic. Google has brought this latest form of interaction along Pixel 2 lineup which can make user squeeze smartphone for initiating action. If someone does not like this, Edge Sense Plus can be installed on Pixel 2 XL or Pixel 2 for remapping edge squeeze action for application of your own choice. Squeeze feature is inside system so, for modifying it you may require the application and root running on device.

Earliest pop up of edge sense technology was seen on HTC U11 as HTC’s team is big enough so it made ways to Pixel lineup. Mapping is a problem carried along technology.

Characteristics of Edge Sense Plus Application

These are all the possibilities you may set inside Edge Sense Plus application once you have squeezed your device.

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  • Flashlight
  • Toggle autorotation
  • Custom Application
  • Scroll Up/Down
  • Recent Applications
  • Split Monitor
  • Toggle Monitor On/Off
  • Expand/Collapse Status bar
  • Sidebar
  • Toggle NFC
  • Use camera even when screen is off
  • Gesture Panel – Make custom gestures for proceeding with different actions
  • Shortcuts – Direct calls, proceed to tasker tasks and much more
  • Per Application Action – Make different squeeze actions
  • Auto brightness (6 Options: Mid, Low, Max, Auto, Min, High)

Way of Customizing Pixel 2 Edge Squeeze Characteristic

Lets proceed to the procedure of customizing Pixel 2 Edge Squeeze characteristic. Her you will utilize Edge Sense Plus application that was originated for HTC U11 though it is ported for supporting Google Pixel 2 XL and Google Pixel 2.

Pre necessities:

Modify Pixel 2 Edge Squeeze Feature

Follow the steps below for customizing Pixel 2 Edge Squeeze characteristic with the help of Edge Sense Plus.

  1. Install
  2. Install ZIP module from step 1 using Magisk Manager.
  3. Download Edge Sense Plus Play Store App.
  4. Open application and manage preferences according to your requirements.

Hopefully you have understood how to customize Pixel 2 Edge Squeeze characteristic and these directions will be helpful to you. Good luck!

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