The whole point of PUBG style games is to shoot down your enemy in the battlefield, and from a distance. Very rarely you will get a chance to take a shot at close range and this is highly far fetched because when the games are specially designed for the players to take aim from distances, there is rare chance of you getting near the enemy and taking him down. Zeroing the distance in PUBG is a technique not well known by many players but you all must have seen this option.

Even the most seasoned players can not always take a good so from afar and thus making the whole experience quite stressful because you are always on the verge of confusion that you might lose the challenge because of a bullet gone a little too far or near.

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What does Zeroing the distance in PUBG mean:

Many of you would have seen the ‘zeroing distance’ mentioned while you were aiming your weapon’s sight, but you must have not paid a lot of attention and thus ended p not using it fruitfully. It actually is the calculation of the required distance between your target and yourself for the bullets’ lining up when they land, with the middle of your crosshair. Supposedly, if zeroing distance has been set to 200 m, when you fire the rounds from your weapon, the bullets would land above the crosshair if the impact was made under 200 m distance. It would be opposite if the impact was made above 200 m then the bullets would land below the crosshair. Simple math there.

How does Zeroing the distance in PUBG work:

You may not be able to get your target down in the first few attempts after Zeroing the distance in PUBG because in all honesty it ain’t that easy and specially if you are not fully prepared for what’s to come. But with these few pointers and things to keep in mind while taking your shot, things might get a little less messy and with time you will get the hang of it.

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1- The white squares you will see on the map are accurately 100 m/sq so when you are zeroing in the weapon, make sure you do the mat correctly. If your target is two squares away, that would mean 200 m.

2- The same way you should know that all the white squares could be rounded off to 140 or 150 m because they measure about 141 m diagonally.

3- The more you play the better you will get because then you will not be needing to have a look at the mao every time you want to calculate the distance. With practice you will just be good enough to estimate the distance for the target and then Zeroing the distance in PUBG won’t be a big deal as it would be for many amateurs who have just started playing the game.

Let’s hope you al can sleep a little better tonight after knowing how you could aim better with your weapons and make sure that the bullets fired from your weapons reach the intended target.

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