You can now expressive your thoughts in a better and lighter manner thanks to the all-new Animoji of iPhone X. You can sing songs, add dialogues or just say hello using these Animojis videos. The good news is that you select your favorite Animoji and then you lip sync your favorite song with it. This is pretty cool as Animoji Karaoke video is a very expressive way to show your feelings.

You can do all this with your new iPhone X, although we know you still need to learn how to go about the entire process. In this article, we are going to teach you precisely that.

It is different, but it does not mean that it is difficult, in this article we are going to tell you about Animoji Karaoke video. Just recently we wrote about Disabling Face ID on iPhone X, as quite a few people have been wondering about that, Hard Resetting was an issue for some, we have also given tips on waking up screen or restarting and shutting down iPhone X. Taking a screen shot on iPhone X could be tricky which also has been covered by AndroidiOSPack and many other tips and tutorials were given. Another very common issue of iPhone X not turning on has also been addresses in one of our recent articles about iPhone X. Let’s get you straight in to the tutorial about making you own Animoji Karaoke video with iPhone X. 

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How to make your own Animoji Karaoke Video with iPhone X

Below are the steps to create Animojie Karaoke Videos with your iPhone X.

Step 1: Choose a song

That is but natural, you need to select a song that you want to send via the Animoji. The only twist here is that you have to have another medium to play that song, let’s take your iPod. You play the song there and pick an Animoji on your iPhone X. Record the song while you are lipping the song lyrics with Animoji imitation you. If you play the music on iPhone X, it will instantly stop recording Animojis.

Step 2: Record Animji Clips

You can record Animoji only from inside the Message App of iPhone X. This is basically a form or iMessages, to use the Animoji inside the app, look for the bottom sticker and from there choose the Animoji app. Once this is done, you will have to select a character. A word of advice, do not turn on the full-screen version of the app, as this will make editing a bit complicated later.

If you record Animojis from inside the iPhone X Message app, it will only be of 10 seconds. For longer Animojis you will have to use the iOS 11 built-in screen recording feature.

Step 3: Editing Animoji Video

After you are done with recording the Animoji video, it is time to do some editing. To edit the video, you will have to use another application such as iMovie app on your Mac. You add the clip there, trim it and perform other editing tools on it. Now export the clip back and you are done. We hope that you do enjoy the new Animoji video feature on iPhone X.

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