People who are visually impaired have a great benefit of the Accessibility feature in iPhone where they can use Siri voice over for reading text for them in every situation. The only drawback of enabling this voice over is that Siri will read aloud each and everything, even the Settings on your phone or whatever the screen is open on your phone.

Apart from the visually impaired, people still would want to use Siri voice over for reading text to them in certain situations, may be while driving a car or resting your eyes in a rocking chair and whatnot. The feature can be utilizes better by making Siri read aloud only when it is mandatory and for the rest of the tasks, keeping Siri shut. (which in real life is almost impossible with the feminine gender).

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How to make Siri read text aloud only when needed:

1 First off, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility.

2 There you will see VoiceOver, tap on it and toggle it on and double tap on the screen for selecting OK.

3 Next double tap on Accessibility to go back and scroll down to the page bottom and select Accessibility shortcut and again double tapping to open it.

4 Next, select VoiceOver by again double tapping on it and that is it. You can comfortably turn the VoiceOver on and off by simply tapping the Home button thrice.

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