iPhone latest iMovie app is jam-packed with outstanding features. There has been some addition to iMovie app for Mac, but the features added in the mobile version are next level. You are going to love editing your movies on your mobile phone. The mobile editing app is simple, effective and efficient, yet it is important to know the basics before you proceed to higher levels.

To edit a movie, you first need to create one. We are going to start with teaching you the basic way of creating a new project, importing videos, photos and finally turning all this into a movie. Once the movie, you can edit it as much as you want to. You can test and flaunt your editing skills. We will be telling you about these editing tools, but for now, let’s focus on the basics.

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Create a Movie Project in iMovie app:

To create a project, tap on the Create Project icon present in the Project viewer tab. Here, select the movie option. There is another way of creating a movie and that is by choosing Trailer option. This Hollywood-style movie trailer is an excellent, automated way of creating a movie.

Browse Your Media

To make things easy for you, iMovie will directly take you to the Moments in your photo gallery. There you can pick pictures, videos that you want to incorporate in your movie. To further enhance and improve your search, tap on the media icon located at the top left corner — if you are in portrait mode– of the screen. Here you will see three option, Albums, Videos, and Photos. Choose accordingly to your needs. If you are in the landscape mode, the Media browser is available on the left side of the screen.

Vidoe is your best option when you are moving

If you’re making a moving picture without any stills, “Video” would be your best option here. You can choose to drill down to specific albums, recent items, or just all of the videos in your Photos app. You could also choose “Albums” instead to see all of your video albums, as well as your photo albums (or mixes).

Select Your Photos & Videos

When you’re checking out albums with photos only or photos and videos combined, just tap and hold on one to get an enlarged preview. Once you’ve found all the ones you want to add, just tap on the thumbnails until you see white/blue check mark icons appear on them.

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If you are in an album with videos only, the view will change to mini-timelines for each video. To quickly scrub through a video without actually playing it, just tap on the video, then drag your finger right or left. A thumbnail will follow your finger showing you the frames of the video.

To actually preview a video, tap on it once to highlight it (if not already highlighted), then tap the play button. Then, on the same pop-up menu as the play option, you can check mark it. In this view, before you check mark a video, you can also adjust the start and stop points for it by dragging the yellow bars inward.

You can tell that videos are “checked” for import by the thin yellow bar on each one signifying how much of the video will be imported into the project.

Create Your Movie Project

When you’ve selected all of the photos and videos you want to add to your first project, just tap the “Create Movie” button at the bottom. And don’t worry if you forgot any, you can add them in later!

Videos import as their actual length, while most photos import in 4-second clips. I say most because it all depends on the transitions applied, which could make them anywhere between 3 and 6 seconds long. By default, if an image starts or ends a video, it will be 5 seconds long, and middle ones will go for 4 seconds.

From here, you’re ready to start playing around. You can delete clips, move clips around, change transitions or edit them, undo/redo changes, add more media, and much more. I won’t go into these details in this guide since this article was meant to just get you started.

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