Control center is considered to be the most important feature of iOS. It provides quick access to a number of functionalities including Night Shift mode, media playback controls, settings toggles and much more.

Although the control center has the basic features that users use, but we still wish that Apple had added more. For instance, we would really love to have the option of choosing the toggles to be shown in the center.

This is one reason, why some of the iOS users turn towards jailbreak. They want the freedom to do what they like with their device. A jailbroken device gives you the permission to customize your control center of iOS 10. You can add in the new feature and have a completely new look. How cool is this right?

App Center

This is an amazing tweak that allows you to add any app that you like to the control center. It also permits you to view the recently used ones. The tweak adds a new page in the control center, and you get to add all your favorite apps on this page.

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In iOS 10, the control center has been modified. Apple splits the controls center into two pages, once contain the toggles, volume controls, brightness, night Shit etc and the other is dedicated to media playback. Using Horseshoe, you can now merge these pages into one page.


You can’t record your iOS screen, but with CCRecord you can do it now. It is a tweak that adds a toggle to your control center, allowing you to record your screen and saving the video in the camera roll.


It is an outstanding tweak that permits you to not only customize the overall look of your control center, but it also allows you to hide unwanted UI elements. Lastly, the tweak adds a new page to the control center where you can add your favorite apps and see device information.

Cream 2

You can now colorize the toggle of your control center using the Cream 2 tweak.

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With FilcontrolCenter you can add as many toggles as you like to your control center. Not only this, it also allows you to rearrange and reposition these toggles to your liking.


If you have used Android before, you would be familiar with the feature that pressing and holding on the quick setting tray opens its settings Pane. iOS does not allow this, however, with CCTButtonActions tweak you can enjoy this Android feature on your iOS.


Another excellent tweak that allows you to customize the control center of your iPhone. You can add color tint, background style and much more.


You can now change the default control center background and change it to the image of your liking. CCWallCustomizer automatically scales the image to fit the control center background.

We hope, you enjoyed the 9 tweaks for customizing your control center. If you have any question, please do let us know.

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