Looking for a certain message in your inbox is like searching for a needle in a haze stack. Without proper way, you would have to meticulously go through each and every message.  When we compare for the method of searching for the three apps namely, Facebook, iMessage, and WhatsApp.

The easiest search method is of Whatsapp, after that comes Facebook search and at the end we have iMessage. In the course of this article, we will teach you how to search the history of your text message on all these of these apps. So, let’s get started!

Searching iMessage History:

Unlike other two apps that let you achieve those messages that you do not want to see on the ongoing conversation page, iMessage offers no such facility. In order to remove a thread, you need to delete it and once it is deleted there is no turning back. You can never look up for that message again. Nonetheless, it does not mean you can’t search anything at all. On the contrary, you can search the entire iMessage directory, just not the deleted ones.

How to search:

  1. Launch your iMessage app on your iPhone
  2. Now scroll to the top of the app to see the Search bar. If you scroll downwards, the search bar disappears.
  3. Now tap on the bar and type in the phrase, name of the person you are searching for.
  4. All the messages having the above information will be displayed, tap on the one you want.
  5. The phone will then take you that exact message in the conversation.
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Searching Facebook Messenger conversation:

If you do not want a thread to appear in the current window of your ongoing conversations, you don’t have to delete it as you have iMessage. On the contrary, all you have to do is archive it and you can reach out to it anytime you want. When you archive a message, it no longer appears in among the conversation, but you can find it in the archive folder. Thus, you can search for it too.

The bad news is that if you are using an old version of Facebook Messenger, you cannot perform the search. To search your messages, you would have to login Facebook account using your computer. However, people who have updated Facebook Messenger should follow the steps below for searching.


How to Search Facebook Messenger conversation:

  1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone.
  2. At the top of the screen, you will see a search tab, tap on it.
  3. Then type in your query and the app will instantly start showing messages that contain those particular keywords.
  4. Once you find what you are looking for, tap on the message and you will be directly taken to that part of the conversation where the message is located.

Finding Specific Threads on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is perhaps among the most commonly used app for communication. Millions of people throughout the world are a fan of these amazing app. You can send a message, audio, video and now you can even call using WhatsApp. Like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp also lets you archive your messages, this means you don’t have to delete them just to get them in the background. Simply archive the messages and you still will be able to search for them when the need arises.

How to find specific threads on WhatsApp:

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll upwards and a search bar will appear, now tap on it.
  3. Type the name of the contact that you are looking for, a list with the same name will be displayed.
  4. Choose the one that you were searching for.
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