Behold. Dead Rivals is the latest action packed and one of the best zombie games for Android, has arrived for mobile phones. It is the very first game by Gameloft which is completely zombie-themed ARPG for Android devices and we bring you an exclusive first look of the game with some tips here and there to get you started like knowing Dead Rivals character attributes that you can learn and master eventually. The game is all about blowing the brains out of those brain eating zombies, yes we all can see the irony here no doubt.

Dead Rivals is a full of action game with MMORPG adventures. You get to journey through infinity World with whatever kind of hero you want to be by getting to know Dead Rivals character attributes and you can very well easily overcome the deadly zombies who are the greatest threat to this world. In the game you have to Battle for survival in an apocalyptic world in the first ever zombie Action RPG for portable! Adventure into the badlands and find the reason for the zombie apocalypse while you will get to team up with hundreds and thousands of other Dead Rivals: Zombie MMO players.

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Pick your class, craft your skills modify your character, attack your enemy, find or make your place of shelter, gather your weaponry and last but not the least kill your opponents in the action based competitive PvP fights. This is the best game if you like shooting zombies. There have been plenty of games with zombie shooting but this is one of its kind. There is a lot more to the game but for now we will guide you step by step through the array of Dead Rivals character attributes so that you could master them in order to save this world, save yourself and save your loved ones with the skill set of a saviour and a survivor.

Dead Rivals character attributes:

Attributes and traits or in more simpler words, the qualities assigned to different characters makes it all more life like and real. The more you know about your character attributes the better you will be able to play the game and progress in it and up your experience. You can also boost the attributes of the chosen character as you go further deeper in the game with heavy armour, passive skills and weaponry that you will choose for your character. Although there is not much that you can do when it comes to this list of attributes that we have assembled down below but it would surely help you in understanding your character in particular and the game play in general.

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  • Stun Boost – Boosts stun debuff chances
  • Stun Resistance – Reduces chances of you receiving the stun debuff
  • Silence Boost – Boosts silence debuff chances
  • Silence Resistance – Reduces chances of you receiving the silence debuff
  • Injury Boost – Boosts injury debuff chances
  • Injury Resistance – Reduces chances of you receiving the injury debuff
  • Ranged DMG Up – Increases ranged damage dealt
  • Ranged DMG Down – Reduces the amount of ranged damage taken
  • Critical DMG Up – Increases your critical hit damage
  • Strengthened Defense – Reduces damage you take while defending
  • Bleed Boost – Boosts continus damage debuff chances
  • Bleed Resistance – Reduces your chance of receiving the bleed debuff
  • Immobilization Boost – Boosts immobilization debuff chances
  • Immobilization Resistance – Reduces your chance of receiving the immobilization debuff
  • Field Medic – A boost for your healing out of combat
  • Total DMG Up – Boosts your damage for your normal attacks
  • Total DMG Down – Reduces enemy’s total damage
  • Damage Up – Boosts all damage dealt
  • Damage Down – Reduces all damage taken
  • Melee DMG Up – Increases melee damage given
  • Melee DMG Down – Decreases melee damage taken
  • HP – Your total health
  • DMG – The amount of damage you do per hit
  • Movement Speed – How fast you move
  • Skill DMG Up – Boosts the damage done by your skills
  • Reload Speed – A modifier for how fast you reload
  • Expanded Ammo – Additional ammo capacity
  • Armor  – Incoming damage reduction
  • Armor Cracker – Penetrates an amount of your enemy’s armor
  • Accuracy – Reduces your enemy’s dodge rate
  • Agility – Boosts your dodging chance
  • Critical – Your critical hit rate
  • Resilience – Your chance of not getting hit by a critical
  • Penetration – Reduces your foe’s chance of successfully defending against your attacks
  • Shield Buff – A boost to your chance of defending against an enemy hit
  • Heal Bonus – Gives you a bonus % for healing items and skills
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