Moto G4 and G4 plus are was released last year, and was developed by Motorola Mobility. Moto G4 users were lucky that they are the first who received Android Nougat updates. Android Nougat 7.0 update gives some new and exciting features to your Moto device including new multitasking features, improvement in notification process and control, data saver, Usability and has some battery features. These Android Nougat updates features give the user a new Moto experience with Moto action (swipe to shrink the screen) and Fingerprint sensor for screen lock for Moto G4 plus.

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Recommended Prerequisites:
1- Unlocking Bootloader
2- Download Fastboot files and extract them into ADB folder (create folder if not exist)
3- Download and extract TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project used in Android-based devices to enable the touch screen interface for the user to install and third party firmware and backup) into same ADB folder.
4- Download the phh’s SuperSU (an Open source SELinux-capable Super User) and copy it in the internal storage of the device.
5- Go to Settings> Developer options, and enable USB debugging.
6- Make sure to download the ElementalX kernel if on NPJ25.93-11/12/14 (non-soak test nougat) firmware and copy it to the Internal Storage of the device.

Require Changes to Make:
1) Open downloaded SuperSu.ZIP file
2) Find and open config.txt file.
3) Change the default text “eng verity crypt” to “eng noverity nocrypt” and save it.

Note: If you are using 7-zip to work with the archives then it will ask you whether you want to update your archive or not. Just click on Yes and the archive will be updated.

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Steps to Install TWRP on Moto G4 Plus Running Nougat:

Follow the below steps,
Step 1- Power off your smartphone
Step 2- Boot the device into bootloader mode by pressing on Volume Down + Power until droid logo.
Step 3- Connect your phone with PC using USB Cable.
Step 4- Go to the ADB folder and open it.
Step 5- In the ADB folder, hold Shift + Right Click >> Open command window here.
Step 6- In the command prompt, type adb devices (This will confirm your device is attached to the PC via ADB)

Step 7- To install TWRP recovery on your device, type the following command in the command prompt and press enter
fastboot.exe flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-0-athene.img
Step 8- Unplug your device from PC after completing the process.
Step 9- Select Recovery from the bootloader (Use Volume buttons to navigate and Power Button to select)
After a few seconds, your device will boot up into TWRP recover.

Now you have successfully downloaded and install TWRP Moto G4 Plus on Android Nougat. You should also Root TWRP Moto G4 Plus on Android Nougat with help of our easy guide. 

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