The two major rivals, Samsung and Apple, are always thriving to beat each other in terms of efficiency and technology. Their every product is better as compared to its predecessor in terms of specs and features. In order to beat Apple’s Siri, Samsung came up with Bixby, the latest AI Assistant that is to be incorporated in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

It is rumored that Bixby is going to be better than Samsung’s first attempt on AI Assistant, the S-Voice. S-Voice was incorporated in Samsung Galaxy S3, but sadly the virtual assistant was nothing compared to SIRI. It was an all-time failure and people rejected it straight away.

After being rejected by consumers, Samsung did not try for anything for a couple of years. However, the company never actually gave up on the idea. This time around the year, they are determined to launch Bixby on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

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Samsung promises that Bixby is going to be more than just the usual assistant. For example, if you tell Bixby that you want to take a selfie, it will bring forward the front camera. Likewise, when you tell Bixby to call “John” it will ask you which John, instead of calling the first John on your contact list.

Currently, Bixby will be supporting a number of apps including camera, health, Youtube, and Uber. This is just the beginning; much more will be added to the list. There is a physical button located on the left side of the phone that is dedicated to Bixby.

The best thing is that other Android users will also be able to enjoy the services of Bixby. However, since this amazing AI assistant would work only if you have Galaxy S8 Launcher installed on your phone, so make sure you have that before you start using it.

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Just to make things easier for you, we will give you a step by step guide on how to download and install Hello Bixby 1.3.23 APK on your Samsung Galaxy phones
⦁ Start with download Hello Bixby 1.3.23 APK on your computer
⦁ Now, copy the downloaded APK to your Android phone
⦁ In order to install the APK files from other sources, go to Setting>>Security>>Allow Unknown Sources. After enabling this option, you would be able to install files.
⦁ To initiate the installing process, tap on the downloaded APK
⦁ Once the installation is completed, swipe left on the Home-Screen in order to access Bixby.

Both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus have been launched and will be available to buy by the end of April 2017 but the company allows you to download Hello Bixby 1.3.24 APK from their official website right away.

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