The Korean giant is ready to launch its most wanted Flagship Smartphones of 2017.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + promise to be shipped on April 21, 2017. Samsung is known for its great display, but with Galaxy S8 / S8 + Infinity Display they have managed to exceed their standards. The curved screen without bevel makes gives the feeling that never ends so Samsung decided to call it Infinity Display.

galaxy s8 always on display

However, today we bring a guide on how to install Galaxy S8 on screen function on any Samsung device. Phone manufacturers have been working hard to perfect this feature and Samsung seems to have followed it. As always the Galaxy S8 / S8 + screen looks great on the infinity screen.

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Due to the Galaxy S8 application system download, it has been possible to get down to work on the Galaxy S8 / S8 + on-screen display allowing you to choose from a quantity of information that will be shown below, but the Galazy S8 is in wait. In order to get the display function, you must make sure to run Android Nougat 7.0 on the phone. It could be tested on the Galaxy S7 and S6 and it worked.
If you want to install the Galaxy S8 Always on Display APK on a Samsung device you must follow this guide.

How to install Galaxy S8 Always screen-based on any Samsung device

1.You must download Galaxy S8 Always On Screen APK from here.
2. Copy the APK and download it to your Android phone.
3. To install APK files from other sources, you need to go to Configuration >> Security >> Allow unknown sources. When this option is checked, the files can be downloaded.

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4. Press the downloaded APK to begin the installation.
5. Now the S8 Always on Display application will force the shutdown.
6. After this you must go to Application Settings> Always on Screen> Storage> Erase Data.


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