It always feels good every time you transform your phone into something different and unique. And if you are using Huawei P9, it’s time to install Android 7.0 on with one of the fastest ROM for Huawie P9 with OTA updates and is solely based on Android Nougat 7.0. The OTA is very helpful feature of the ROM, which keeps the ROM bugs free.

Android 7.0 moonlight also has pre rooted kernal which also supports PHH which again helps speed up your Huawei P9 and keeps it safe from the bugs. We are going to tell you in few simple and easy steps how to install install Android 7.0 moonlight ROM on Huawei P9 with Noughat operating system. 

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  • USB Drivers: Download and install the latest Huawei P6 USB drivers.
  • Backup: It is important that you have backed up your data because you will lose all your data at end of installing moonlight ROM on Huawei P9.
  • Custom Recovery: To install moonlight ROM on your phone it is imperative that you have a custom recovery installed.
  • Rooted Phone: Ensure that your phone is rooted.
  • Clean your cache by performing Dalvik Cache wipe before you enter the recovery mode.
  • Since the tutorial is for Huawei P9 having Android 6.0, we suggest you do not try it on other variants of P9.

Complete Instructions How To Install Android 7.0 moonlight ROM on Huawei P9 with Noughat OS

  1. The first step is to download Android 7.0 moonlight ROM on your PC.
  2. To mount your Huawei P9’s memory onto the computer, you need to connect it to the PC via USB cable.
  3. You need to paste the moolight ROM file to your P9’s memory. You can place it either on the internal memory or the SD card. But make sure that it is placed directly in the memory and not in any folder.
  4. Switch off your phone and disconnect it.
  5. Turn it back on and enter the recovery mode. To do so, you need to press and hold the Power button along with the Volume Down button.
  6. In the recovery mode, you have to wipe all your data. Swipe the “Swipe to Factory Reset” option.
  7. Return to main menu and tap on Install button. Select the file that you copy pasted from your computer.
  8. Confirm installation. If you get into any boot loops you need to tap on the “Wipe Cache” button.
  9. Now reboot your phone via the “Reboot System” button. The process might take about 5 minutes and then you are good to go.

That’t it. You should have the Android 7.0 moolight ROM installed on your Huawei P9. 

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