Hack wifi from the Android

If you want to hack the wifi network you must have wps enabled.


1 You must have a version of android 4.4+
2 Download Wps wpa tester (can be found on Google Play)
3 You should also download ES file explorer (also can be found in google play)
4 Serial number of your android
And the most important thing, is that your phone must be rooted to get the wifi password (but it is not necessary to be connected)

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1. Go to the configuration of your device and if its not copied, copy the serial number.
2.Later, you have to open the ES file explorer. Go to local, create a new file and rename it with the serial number of your phone and save it.
3. After you close ES explorer and open wps wpa tester you must click on scan.
4. Select the wifi you are going to hack and click on auto connect pin.
5. That is what must be done to make the wifi be hacked.
6. You will be able to see the password if it has a root otherwise you will not be able to.

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