Verizon is an American mobile phone carrier and so far the best one when it comes to unlocked mobile phones. Unlike AT&T, from iPhone 5 onward, it has been part of Verizon’s policy to sell all the iPhones in an unlocked condition. The users who possess an iPhone older than iPhone 5 or so, they would need to go through Verizon customer services for getting their device unlocked but otherwise it is, now, a piece of cake really with unlocked iPhones by default.

If you are owner of an iPhone 5 or its successors then you are in for a treat because your device is already unlocked. The implication here is that if you are travelling abroad or you simply aren’t happy with your current mobile phone carrier or for whatever reason you need to switch carriers, all you have to do is remove your SIM card and insert the new one in the SIM card slot. After you turn your iPhone on you will to begin with the setup and that’s all it is going to take for you to start afresh with your new carrier.

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Before you start for an unlocking process, the criteria which are to be met are mainly the same with every mobile phone carrier. Foremost is the payment of all the dues and financial obligations otherwise your request won’t go through. Your device must be used on an active account with the carrier otherwise there will be hesitation on the carrier’s customer services part because your device can be deemed stolen. 

How to unlock Verizon locked iPhone:

Given that you have an iPhone version older than iPhone 5 in your possession and you are in need of getting it unlocked, all you are required to do is call Verizon Customer Service Centre at this number >> 800-711-8300. All you need to request is to unlock your Verizon SIM card and that’s done. There is no hassle involved at all.



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