Season 5 week 5 challenges are here and the players are required to go through 3 Rift Portals in fortnite in order to complete a certain challenge. The players can use the portals as many time as they wish to get themselves to remote and unusual locations but for them to complete the said challenge, they would have to use all 3 Rift Portals in fornite initially.

3 Rift Portals in Fortnite:

The main question arises that how and where you are going to spot the Rift Portals and this is why we have arranged this very article for letting you in on the secret which is not hidden anymore from the public eye as many a player have found the areas where the 3 Rift Portals have been spawning.

How to use 3 Rift Portals in Fortnite:

The first area where the Rift Portals in Fortnite are appearing the most frequently is the desert area located in the south eastern part of the map and the best tactic here would be to get dropped out in the desert and find the portals. The frequency of the portals spawning in this area is high and if you are one lucky duck you might find not one but two Rift Portals.

The second location where the players have found the portals is alongside the river canal, going through tomato town, which connects the Loot lake with the ocean. You may not be able to stumble upon an open portal if you are in a hurry but if you will be a wee bit patient, you will get through one of the three portals easily.

Last but not the least is the Snobby Shores located in the western part of the map and this is the place which, again, may get you to two Rift Portals. If the players are lucky enough, may be both the portals would be open for you.

The only way to get through the Rift Portals in Fortnite is to just walk through it. You are not required to do any certain action such as jumping or climbing or anything of the sort. So, we wish you a very good luck with this week’s challenge.

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