Google has been known for a couple of things, but for the few past years, it seems that the technology giant is trying to make a name in the mobile world. They have been putting in a lot of money, effort and time. It seems that the things are turning their way, they are coming up with mobile phones that are worth everything now. Finally, the new flagship devices of Google are available in the market, Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. Both devices are an improvement on their predecessors including a new exciting Google search widget

A great improvement, we must say. The devices were made public on the 4th of October. It seems that Google has made a lot of changes to what is in store now. For starters, the official renders have Google have come up with something new and different.t Both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are going to have a Google search widget present at the bottom of the home screen. This is nothing new and it is very nice.

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Since the Google search widget is a part of the dock now, thus there will be no need of you to reach to the top s Pixel XL’s18:9 aspect ratio screen. Now searching on the big screen is very easy and effective. Since it is present between the navigation buttons and the dock icons, so it will be a lot easier to access information.

We know that the Pixel launcher is yet not available, but the good news is that you can recreate the Google search widget using Nova Launcher. Although it is not going to be the perfect replica but it will do the job. In this article, we will show you how it all works.

App Drawer Gesture- Swipe to open in Google Search Widget:

The first thing that you need to do is enable the App Drawer swipe to open gesture. You will be surprised to learn that Nova has an option that does the same thing as the App Drawers swipe-to- open gesture does.

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To go about it, long press on an empty place on the Home Screen, then head to Nova’s main setting by tapping on the Settings cog. Once you are in the Settings look for the App & Widget drawers option and select it. Now to enable the Swipe to open option. You might have to scroll down a bit. After that, we suggest that you disable the Swipe indication option.

Remove and Delete Dock icons in Google Search Widget:

Now you will first have to remove all icons from the dock and then later add the ones you want. To remove icons, long press on every single one of them and then drag them out one by one. After this, again long press every icon again, but this time tap on the icon options from the pop-up menu. Later, tap on Edit and then you will have to delete the name in the App label field.

Remove All Apps Buttons in Google Search Widget:

After removing the icons, you will have to remove the App buttons as well. This is somewhat different as compared to removing the icons. To remove app buttons, you will have to long-press for about three seconds till the pop-up menu comes forward. From the menu, tap on remove option.

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Tweak the Search Widget and Dock it

To emulate the Google’s G logo, long press the search widget at the top on your home screen. Then select Edit and from there choose the Bar Style, under which opt for the rounded option. After that select the G logo under Logo Style. Now press the check mark, then you have to long-press the widget on the home screen and lastly grad it down to an empty place present on the dock.

Remove Page indicator Google Search Widget:

To move the page indicator, tap and hold on any empty space on your home screen, then choose the settings cog. After this, you will have to tap on Desktop and scroll down for the Page Indicator option. Tap on it and then tap on None from the popup menu.

Adjust Icon Padding in Google Search Widget: 

Go to Nova’s main setting menu, now tap on Desktop and then select the height padding option. Set it to medium for better results.

Enable Dock Overlay:

Again, go to Nova’s main settings menu, from there to dock. Then scroll down till you reach the button and tap on the Advanced option. Doing this will bring forward some more option, from these options you need to enable the Dock as overlay option. Doing this will remove the gap between bottom-most home screen icons and the search bar.

Adjust Dock Padding

After you have done all the above, go to Nova Settings and from there tap on Dock menu. Look for the Height padding option and select it. Choose “None” when a popup comes up. Also, tap on width padding and set this one to medium. Doing this will align the search a bar with the rest of the home screen.

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