Rules of Survival is one of the most played games in Android smartphones and more or less every Android user plays it once in a lifetime. Playing the game itself is not sufficient for many, there are always hidden tricks and tweaks that help you get your hands on more stuff and better equipment or assist you in escaping from a torture cell or teach you survival skills. There are always articles that will help you in determining the exact thing you would want to get hold of for future levels in your game and in this article we will give you a small tutorial on how to get Hazmat Mask/Gas Mask in Rules of Survival also called simply Gas mask in which, in all honesty, is not a survival equipment at all.

Hazmat Mask is only used as an ornament in the game just to appear and seem cooler than other players. Many players in the beginning were of the opinion that Gas mask would protect the player from toxic gases and the like but as the gas developed they came to know that it is a mere accessory for simply distinguishing yourselves from others in the game. Feminists may not like that but it is a fact again that Hazmat or Gas Mask can be acquired by only male characters in the game. But for now, let’s have a look at how you can get it.

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How to get Hazmat mask/Gas Mask in Rules of Survival:

Step 1- You shall see a button named ‘Welfare’ in the right corner on the top of the game screen and should tap on that button.

Step 2- You will see a pop-up menu after clicking on the Welfare button and it will show you the weekly special section which renews every week with different array of objects and materials.

Step 3- Hazmat Mask is normally on the top of the list and it costs 500 gold to buy. All you are required to do is to check the weekly special list and keep the 500 gold ready for buying this uber Gas Mask as soon as it shows up in the menu list.


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