Fortnite is the ultimate talk of the town and every game player who has even the slightest idea about gaming and the most flashing news for today is that the players who are already playing Fortnite can now grab their Fortnite Rust Bucket by simply going to the item shop. The sad news is that it was only released yesterday and was supposed to be available to the players for two days only. Keeping that in mind, today the 14th of April, is the last day for claiming your Fortnite Rust Bucket.

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Get Fortnite Rust Bucket:

There are no complicated steps or instructions involved in acquiring the Fortnite Rust Bucket. The only thing you need to do is go into the Fortnite item shop and locate the Storm scavenger armour set. Last but not the least is that you would look for Fortnite Rust Bucket item and tap on Purchase and that is it. The other good news is that no virtual money is needed to get this item in your inventory and thus the word Purchase shall not perplex you in any other way.

The players have been facing a server-side issue in the game and as a compensation Epic games has released Fortnite Rust bucket backpack bling in the latest 3.5 patch and apart from this complementary item introduced recently, more features like Replay Mode and Port-a-Fort grenade have also been added in the update for a more real and enthralling experience for the players.

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